Panama's dollarized economy lays fundamentally on an all-around created administrations segment that records for seventy five percent of GDP. Administrations incorporate working the Panama Canal, saving money, the Colon Free Zone, protection, holder ports, leader registry, and tourism. Financial development will be reinforced by the Panama Canal extension extend that started in 2007 and is planned to be finished by 2014 at a cost of $5.3 billion—around 25% of current GDP. The extension venture will dramatically increase the Canal's ability, empowering it to suit sends that are presently too substantial to transverse the transoceanic crossway, and ought to lessen the unemployment rate.


The United States and China are the top clients of the Canal. Panama's forceful framework improvement activities will probably lead the economy to proceeded with development in 2011. Solid monetary execution has not converted into extensively shared thriving as Panama has the second most noticeably bad wage circulation in Latin America. Around 30% of the populace lives in neediness, in any case, amid Torrijo's term destitution was decreased from 40% to 30% and unemployment dropped from 12% to 6%.


Not a CAFTA signatory, Panama in December 2006 autonomously arranged a facilitated commerce concurrence with the US, which, when executed, will help advance the nation's monetary development. Looking for expulsion from the Organization of Economic Development's dark rundown of assessment sanctuaries, Panama has additionally as of late marked different twofold tax assessment settlements with different countries.

Work constrain: 1.587 million (2015 est.)

Work constrain by occupation:

Horticulture: 17%,

Industry: 18.6%,

Administrations: 64.4%. (2009 est.)

Trades: $15.85 billion (2015 est.)

Trade products: Fruit and nuts, fish, iron and steel squander, wood.

Imports: $23.29 billion (2015 est.)

Import items: Fuels, hardware, vehicles, iron and steel poles, pharmaceuticals.

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