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We offer the following services
Advising you the correct immigration procedure for you and your family
We prepare all the documentation for the permanent residence application for the applicant(s)
Filing with immigration services Panama
We supply professional assistance in English , French, Spanish, German, Dutch and other languages via a translator, and your upon arrival in Panama, you will be immediately taken to the immigration offices to start the application in the presence of our office (lawyer)
We will assist with obtaining the certificate "Buena Salud" (good health certificate) through a licensed clinic in Panama. (Including the required tests such as H.I.V.)
We supply a personal assistant during any visit to the immigration department until the residence permit is issued
Share Certificate(s)
Assistance of an immigration lawyer during every step up until the Definitly residence card is issued
We help with official translation of the required documentation from your home country to Spanish (or the country where you are currently reside), certified by a translator in Panama and included in your immigration file
We assist (via a translator for English, French or Dutch) to open a bank account at a local bank, and our immigration lawyer will assist to open a bank account at a local bank
Obtaining the bank certificates showing the required deposit in your bank account (in the required format for immigration application). If you have additional family members, an additional $5,000 will have to be deposited in your new account. (The money you deposit in your new account is to demonstrate you have economic means, and will remain your own)
The cost of the temporary residence card issued while your file is processed. (Final permanent residence card is paid separately once approved)
We provide transportation from your temporary accommodation (hotel) to the Immigration and back. (Note that you must reside in Panama City to be able to use our accelerated application)

A1 Legal Services

Our services will cater for all your legal needs and required assistance related to your plans relocate, retire and establish investments in Panama.

Panama Immigration Options
Establishing Legal Entity
Ship Vessel Registration
Real Estate Transactions

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We will give you the best assistance when you need to establish a business, buy real estate or invest in luxury boats and cars in The Republic of Panama. Dealing with a company that has successfully gone through this process countless times is the smartest thing to do. You will be rest assured that your applications...

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