Medical and dental services are very good. Panama boasts several state-of-the art private hospitals, many of which are associated with renowned facilities in die US. Punta Pacifica Hospital, located near the Trump Tower, is considered the most technologically-advanced hospital in Latin America and is managed by the famous Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland – the only Johns Hopkins outside the USA. The hospital is equipped with features such as videoconferencing capabilities to allow for information sharing and guidance during intricate surgery. One of the highlights of the Panamanian healthcare system is the quality of its medical professionals. Most doctors are well-trained, often in the US and most speak English.

The quality of medical care rivals that of many hospitals in the US and Europe.

The quality of medical care rivals that of many hospitals in the US and Europe. While nurses do receive the same level of training as those in the US, they, as well as the doctors, have an attitude of compassion that is not often see in their first-world counterparts. It is not uncommon for a Panamanian doctor to spend 30 minutes to an hour with you in his office. In addition to this one-on-one attention, you may be given your doctor’s cell phone number as well as his email address.

The Punta Paitilla, San Fernando and National Hospitals are also good. There are also a number of private clinics where smaller procedures can be performed. Procedures in Panama typically cost as little as one half to one fourth of the cost of what they would cost in the US. A trip to the ER is around $100. Procedures such as MRI’s are a mere $500 and a facelift can be performed for about $1 700.

One of the best dental practices in Panama (with English-speaking dentists) is Centro Odontologico Paitilla (Tel: 263-8220 or 269-4693), located just across the road from the Paitilla Hospital. There are a number of dentists there who each specializes in a specific field. Their fees are also reasonable in comparison to, for example, the Pacific Dental Clinic at the Punta Pacifica Hospital, whose fees are much higher. 

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