In the first four months of 2017, the National Migration Service approved 8,424 residence permits for citizens of other countries.

According to the official source, the majority of these beneficiaries with residence permits in Panama are from Venezuela and Colombia.

From January to April 2017, Migration authorities approved 2,131 residence permits for Venezuelan citizens, equivalent to 26.3% of the total, and 951 permits for Colombians (11.2%).

Citizens of other nationalities also benefited from permits to reside in Panama. This is the case of 524 Americans (6.2%), 487 Spaniards (5.7%), 417 Italians (4.9%) and 362 Chinese (4.3%).

The National Immigration Service also approved, but in a smaller number, residence permits to live in Panama to other nations´ citizens , such as from Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, France, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Argentina and Portugal, among other countries .


Meanwhile, in the first four months of 2017, the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) reported that 6,239 work permits for foreigners were approved.

According to the figures of this public institution, 20% of work permits approved from January to April benefited foreigners married to Panamanians.

In total there were 1,264 spouses of Panamanian citizens who received permission to work in Panama from part of Mitradel during January to April 2017, reveals the same source.

Another reason why work permits were issued to people from other countries was for humanitarian reasons.

According to Mitradel, 2,078 permits were granted to this group, equivalent to 33% of the total.

There were also other grounds for approving work permits in the first four months of the year.

During this period, a total of 867 people (14%) from other countries benefited from professional capacities, another 593 people (9.5%) due to the right of Panamanian companies to hire up to 10% foreign personnel and 243 Foreigners (4%) for the right of local companies to have reliable personnel.

In addition, the Marrakesh agreement benefited 108 foreigners (2%), 115 persons (2%) by specific treaties between Italy and Panama, 280 foreigners (6%) by agreements with specific countries.

The other permits approved by the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development had as their foundation or sustenance that they were refugees, who were experts or had technical skills, or for family reunification and parental authority.

There were others also approved for reasons of special residence permits, diplomats, economic activities in the Colon Free Zone and rules that have an effect abroad, the official source said.


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